Thank you for your interest in supporting the Men’s Discipleship Program. Sponsorship is more than a monthly financial gift. Sponsors choose to intentionally walk alongside the men of Haiti as they grow in their walk with the Lord. As the men in the Discipleship Program devote themselves to deepening their faith and learning new skills, sponsors lift them up through prayer and messages of encouragement. It is our desire to see these men become Christ-like leaders impacting their families, communities, and churches in Haiti.

Will You Join Us?

As a Men’s Discipleship Program sponsor, you will receive quarterly updates on participants in the Discipleship class. You will hear the individual stories of lives impacted through your giving, will learn specific ways you can pray for the men and their families, and will even have the opportunity to send messages of encouragement to the program participants.

A gift of $58 per month helps cover the cost of much needed resources and materials for the program. *We also offer a partner sponsorship option, where your gift of $29 per month is paired with another sponsor’s gift to provide a full sponsorship. We encourage partner sponsors to share this opportunity with friends or family to fulfill the sponsorship.

Sponsorships are greatly needed to provide the necessary resources in order for this program to continue. Sponsorship donations help provide breakfast and lunch for participants, transportation money that allows the men to travel to the daily program, bread for the outreach ministry at a local juvenile prison, and resources for Discipleship teaching.

Learn more about the men

These young men are professing believers who desire to learn skills that will equip them to share their faith and become Christ-like leaders in their families, churches, and communities. Learn more about the structure of the Men’s Discipleship Program.


Donalson Mens2015

Donalson is 23 years old and is a gifted musician who often leads the group in worship. He plays the keyboard and guitar and is also a part of his church’s choir. Donalson accepted Christ in 2007 and desires to spend more time in the word of God. Donalson has eight siblings and lives with his family. In the future, he would like to pursue a degree in either medicine or music.

Janesse Mens2015

Janess is 27 years old and gave his life to Christ in 2008. He is involved at his church as a youth leader and sound technician. Janess is a skilled welder and enjoys using his trade skills to serve others. He is committed to seeking God’s will for his life and is looking forward to growing spiritually through the Discipleship Program. When asked if he found it difficult to share about Christ with others Janess responded, “To share your faith – it’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity.”

Jean is attending the Discipleship Program during the day and taking classes in the evenings in order to complete his final year of highschool. Jean is motivated by the words of 2 Timothy 2:2 that encourage us to teach others about Christ and is looking forward to developing skills that will equip him to share his faith effectively. Jean is 23 years old and has a special place in his heart for spending time with the sick. He is looking forward to the Discipleship Program’s outreach opportunities in local hospitals.

Joubert is 21 years old and recently completed high school. He has many responsibilities including taking care of his aging mother. Joubert accepted Christ in 2013 and loves to share about his faith. He is most excited to learn how to teach others about the Bible and is seeking wisdom from God. Joubert enjoys worship and plays the guitar for his church. He would like the opportunity to attend university to become a doctor or an engineer.

Reginald grew up in a Christian home and accepted Christ in 2008. He has a strong desire to share the word of God with other men in Haiti and is looking forward to learning skills that will equip him to lead others. Reginald works in the late afternoons and evenings as a shoe merchant. He is 28 years old and says to be a disciple of Christ, you need to “be ready to apply what Christ tells you to do. Sometimes its difficult, but through prayer you can overcome.”