Maternity Center

Maternity Center Close Up In HaitiHeartline’s Maternity Center exists to provide expectant mothers in Haiti with excellent maternal-healthcare. When women enter our doors they find love, support, education, medical care, relationship and respect.




Women’s Center

WomensCenter5The Women’s Program serves to teach women in Haiti valuable life skills in order to support their families out of the cycle of poverty. This dream is coming into reality every day as women learn to read and write, learn to sew, learn to make jewelry, learn to cook, and learn to run their own businesses. It is our ultimate desire to see women discover their God-given talents and abilities and to know they are treasured themselves!




OvenJesus is the “Bread of Life,” and this program isn’t only about baking bread, but is designed to teach men what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ and how to share the Living Bread as well. It encourages, supports, and stands with men as they become involved fathers and husbands while growing into honest men with Godly character who are known for their integrity.



Guest House

This Haiti guest house is located 2 1/2 miles from the Port au Prince airport. You’ll find it a relaxing, peaceful, secure place to call home during your time in Haiti. it has five bedrooms and can accommodate large groups.