Why choose sponsorship?

Sponsorship is more than a monthly financial gift. Sponsors choose to intentionally walk alongside the men, women, and children of Haiti. As a sponsor, you will hear the authentic stories of lives impacted through your giving to Heartline, have the opportunity to pray specifically for individual program participants, and even connect personally with individuals receiving your support through correspondence or travel.


Leina and I were able to spend time together, and though we had an interpreter to bridge the language gap, that was not necessary for each of us to understand how happy we were to see each other, for me to understand how well she is doing at her school, and to understand how thankful she is to have the opportunity through Heartline to attend school along with her many friends.

MikeStudent Sponsor

As a Heartline sponsor, you will …

  • Receive quarterly updates on the individual(s) impacted by your giving
  • Enjoy the opportunity to send notes of encouragement, letters, and photos to sponsored participants at any time (we have translators on staff in Haiti)
  • Be invited to visit Heartline Haiti where you will be able to connect with those you support

Considering Sponsorship?

Below are our top five reasons you might consider as you decide whether to support and encourage the men, women, or youth in Heartline’s programs through sponsorship:

First, your commitment to pray for your sponsored individual or program is crucial. We know from James 5:16 that the prayers of the righteous are powerful. Second, your monthly financial support allows these individuals to gain educational, physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual blessings on a daily basis. These blessings turn into opportunities - ones that never would have been realized without your support.

Matthew 25:40 is a difficult Scripture to read through if you have never intentionally served, supported, or helped the least, the lost, the poor, the widow, or the orphan. As Christians, it is part of our responsibility to love and serve others, and when we do, we are loving and serving Jesus Himself.

Yes, your financial support directly impacts the individuals in the Heartline program you support. However, it doesn't end there. The wider community in Haiti benefits from your support as well. The individuals receiving your support will learn skills that will be introduced to the workforce in Haiti, helping to raise families out of poverty. More importantly, Heartline program participants will be taking what they have learned about the Gospel and what it means to live a Christian life to their families and community as well.

Sponsorship provides an opportunity for your children to learn about other people around the world and how they live. It provides a level of understanding and appreciation for what they have that cannot be taught with just words. It also provides a cultural understanding that helps them grow in maturity. Finally, it teaches them how to serve others in more than one way.

The most common feedback we hear regarding sponsorships is that the sponsors themselves get so much out of it, possibly more than those being sponsored. God is so generous. When we give, He provides. God provides the joy. Joy is found in knowing you have made a difference. Joy is found as you learn that your sponsored individual has graduated from a program and found a secure job. Joy is found when you look back and realize that you missed out on nothing as you gave your monthly contribution, yet the recipient received so much. (Luke 6:38)