Thank you for your interest in impacting the life of a woman enrolled in the Heartline Women’s Education Center. Sponsorship is more than a monthly financial gift. Sponsors choose to intentionally walk alongside women working to break free from the cycle of poverty. As the women at the Education Center pour their time, talent, and energy into developing valuable life skills and growing spiritually, sponsors lift them up through prayer and messages of encouragement. It is our desire to see women discover their God-given talents and abilities and to know they are treasured themselves!

Will you join us?

As a Women’s Education Center sponsor, you will receive quarterly updates on participants in the class you choose to support. You will hear the individual stories of lives impacted through your gift to the Women’s Education Center, will learn specific ways you can pray for the women, and will even have the opportunity to send messages of encouragement to the ladies. We also invite sponsors to travel to Haiti with a Heartline Mission Experience team to meet the amazing women at the Women’s Education Center.

A gift of $58 per month partners with a WEC participant to cover the cost of facilities, resources, and supplies. *We also offer a partner sponsorship option, where your gift of $29 per month is paired with another sponsor’s gift to provide a full sponsorship. We encourage partner sponsors to share this opportunity with friends or family to fulfill the sponsorship.


As I’ve studied more about poverty and the people affected by it, I’ve learned that the only thing separating them from me is opportunity. They have the same dreams, the same abilities, the same drive – they just need the opportunity that I’ve taken for granted. I chose to sponsor through Heartline because I loved traveling to Haiti with Heartline and I loved getting to personally know where the kids were in school and where the women were attending classes. It made it so much more personal and real. I love getting the updates – learning about their progress and getting updates on how to pray for them is incredible and makes me feel connected to them.

LaurenWomen’s Education Sponsor

Learn more about each class:

Women In Sewing Program Working In Haiti

The Heartline Women’s Education Center began with a sewing course and it remains the most popular education option at the school. Participants in the Sewing Class learn to take measurements, make patterns, and sew outfits using many types of fabric and treadle sewing machines. Many of the participants in the Sewing Class desire to use their skills to make clothing for their own families and friends, but also want to develop their skills in order to seek employment that will provide for their families. Some participants have even gone on to open their own sewing shops and teach sewing courses to other Haitian women! Your support can provide these hard-working women the opportunity to learn new skills and the encouragement to go after their dreams.

Women In Sewing Program Working In Haiti

Participants who have successfully completed Beginning Sewing are eligible to apply for the Advanced Sewing Class to further develop their sewing skills. In this class, the ladies truly develop into seamstresses. They create one-of-a-kind formal outfits that reflect their personality and style and take on ambitious design projects. Some participants have even created high-end wedding dresses during the course of the program. With your support, these ladies can take their talents and skills to new heights.

Women In Sewing Program Working In Haiti

Artistry and craftsmanship are evident throughout Haiti’s streets, shores, and countryside. The Women’s Education Center Artisan Class covers a variety of creative craft skills including crochet, embroidery, and flower crafts. The participants in this class develop their skillset as artisans and often sell their unique creations to support their families. Can you support these wonderful ladies as they hone their creative skills to break free from the cycle of poverty?

Women In Sewing Program Working In Haiti

Haitian food is full of vibrant flavor and color. Participants in the Women’s Education Center Cooking Class learn to cook a variety of traditional Haitian dishes, French cuisine, and favorite American fare. The Women’s Education Center is equipped with stoves, sinks, pots/pans, and utensils to provide a truly hands-on cooking education. Many participants in the cooking class dream of owning and operating their own restaurant or food stand after completing the program. Can you help provide these women with the opportunity to make their dream a reality?

Women In Sewing Program Working In Haiti

Haiti’s national literacy rate hovers around 50%. But the women in this program are out to change more than just a statistic. They know that reading and writing skills can open doors of opportunity in their lives. Each woman in the literacy class comes with a different set of skills and individual goals for the program. Some participants are motivated by their goal to provide for their families through stable employment, others by their desire to be able to read to their children and help with homework. The skilled literacy teachers use a variety of teaching techniques and exercises to help build on the individual reading and writing skills that each participant brings to class. Can you help support the goals and dreams of the Heartline Women’s Education Center Literacy Class?


Is the Women’s Education Center free for participants?

Heartline’s mission is to intentionally walk alongside those in Haiti during their life journeys. We believe there is no better way to do that than to provide opportunities for our program participants to take ownership in their education. We also want to ensure that quality education is available to women with limited financial resources. We are able to do this through sponsorship. Thanks to the support of sponsors, we are able to keep tuition costs for our participants at just 25% of the average cost of other top-programs in Haiti. Heartline believes this facilitates a win-win situation for long term professional and personal growth and accountability.